Alt Ref NoRM6
TitleSir William Hooker Papers
DescriptionThis collection comprises nine series. The first consists of catalogues and inventories which are mainly of Sir William's Library and Herbarium (WJH/1). The second series (WJH/2) contains Hooker's correspondence, mainly to significant botanists such as William Henry Harvey and George Bentham, and friends. The third series (WJH/3) comprises artworks, including sketches, etchings and botanical drawings. The fourth series (WJH/4) comprises lecture notes on introductory level botany. The fifth series (WJH/5) holds memoranda: one in the form of a notebook on the natural history of Yarmouth and the other concerning his library and herbarium. The sixth series (WJH/6) consists of one file which is a travel journal/diary. The seventh series (WJH/7) includes printed reports: a Director's report on the Gardens and a report on the publication of 'Colonial Floras'. The eighth series (WJH/8) contains diplomas awarded to Hooker and the ninth (WJH/9) contains the volume written by W J Hooker listing Indian plants as identified by William Roxburgh.
DateJuly 1822
Related MaterialFurther material relating to Sir W Hooker can be found in the following-
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Letters to W Mitten 1848-1905 (f. 169)
Letters to Lindley A-K (ff.422-485)
Henslow Correspondence (ff.152A-153FFF)
Munro Correspondence (f.139)
Boott description and correspondence (f. 613)
T Cooper miscellaneous letters and papers 1859-1862 (f. 29)
Kew Herbarium presentations to 1900 (ff. 368-426)
Kew Collectors collection - KCL/6/1: Joseph Burke vol. II 1839-1842
KCL/8/4: Kew Collectors VIa Cunningham miscellaneous 1816-1838 folio i 109-188 (186-189)
KCL/10/6: Richard Oldham vol IV 1861-1864 (ff.1-48)
KCL/11/1: William Purdie vol V 1843-1856 (ff.22-23)
KCL/12/1: Berthold Carl Seemann Vol VII bis 1846-1857 (f.77)
KCL/13/1: Charles Wilford vol VIII 1857-1863 (ff. 9-12, 26-28, 39, 43, 45, 50, 53-55, 61-65, 79, 90, 91-93
Joseph Hooker correspondence: JDH/2/3/8 and JDH/2/3/9
Published material is available from the Kew Library Catalogue.
FormatManuscript papers
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