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TitleSir Joseph Hooker Papers
DescriptionThe first series (JDH/1) is comprised of papers and correspondence relating to expeditions that J.D. Hooker was involved in, either as a direct participant or in an advisory capacity (c.1839-1911). The second (JDH/2) is a series of volumes of correspondence between J.D. Hooker and many other individuals on a variety of topics including members of his family(c.1830s-1911). The third series (JDH/3) contains papers relating to the published works of J.D. Hooker and other manuscript Flora (c.1839-1906). The fourth series (JDH/4) is comprised of papers and correspondence relating to a wide variety of societies and subjects in which J.D. Hooker had an interest (c.1820s-1910s).
Related MaterialFurther material relating to Sir Joseph Hooker can be found in the Directors Correspondence and miscellaneous report collections, as well as in the following collections-

Letters to J.G. Baker - original letters c.1860s-1870s
Letters to M.C. Cooke - original letter 27 Aug 1881
Letters to W.B. Hemsley - original letters 18 Jul 1908 - 7 Jul 1910
Letters to D. Prain - original letters 17 Aug 1892 - 8 Dec 1902
Letters to H.N. Ridley Vol.3 - original letters 9 Jun 1886 - 21 Jun 1911
Letters to I.H. Burkill - original letters 8 Dec 1906 - 27 Feb 1908
Letters to Sargent - photocopies 2 Dec 1872 - 29 Apr 1910
Letters to Gunter - photocopies 8 May 1865 - 17 Jul 1909
Letter to W. Mitten - original letters c.1854-1885
Letters to Lindley Vol.1 - original letters c.1870s
Letters to H.N. Ellacombe - original letters c.1893-1894
Munro Correspondence - original letters from J.D. Hooker c.1852-1875
Sir William Jackson Hooker : Letters to J.D. Hooker - see W.J. Hooker's catalogue WJH/2/12
Sir William Jackson Hooker : Letters from friends in India to W.J. Hooker primarily concerning about J.D. Hooker
Letters from T.H. Huxley - complete volume of typescript copies of letters from Huxley to J.D. Hooker 6 Nov 1854 - 26 Jun 1895
Letters from C.R. Darwin - 3 volumes of manuscript copies of letters to J.D. Hooker 1843-1867
Thomas Thomson - complete volume of original letters to J.D. Hooker 18 Dec 1843 - 8 June 1862
George Bentham - complete volume of original letters to J.D. Hooker 1842-1884
J. Ball - file containing original indexed letters to J.D. Hooker 1859-1898
Misc. letters referring to W. Wilson's letters in the British Museum - This volume contains both original letters to J.D. Hooker and manuscript and typescript copies of letters to and from him relating to the deposit of W. Wilson's letters in the British Museum who had possession of his herbarium collection. c.1890s
Letter to Dawson Turner - this original letter is bound in the library volume Fuci, sive plantarum Fucorum generi by Dawson Turner Vol 1, 1808. (library reference - q265 ALGAE)
Welwitsch Collections Chancery Suit : Correspondence - This bound volume contains correspondence, including some relating to J.D. Hooker, concerning to the fate of the specimen collections of Dr. Friedrich Welwitsch who was sent on an expedition to Africa by the Portugese Government between 1853 and 1861. This correspondence is dated c.1872.
Kew Gardens Appointment of Assistant Directors 1874-1898 - The correspondence relating to J.D Hooker in this volume is c.1870s-1880s.
Kew Private Keys - This volume contains letters to J.D. Hooker regarding the provision of keys to individuals. C.1870s-1900s
Herbarium Presentations (2 vols) - This volume contains correspondence, including letters to J.D. Hooker, regarding donations to Kew Herbarium. C.1850s-1900s
Hooker/Ayrton Contoversy - This bound volume contains typed transcriptions of correspondence regarding the controversy surrounding the future of the Herbaria at Kew and the Natural History Museum. c.1871-1872
Jodrell Laboratory - see the Kewensia Pamphlet Box (145) for photocopies of correspondence between J.D. Hooker, Thomas Phillips Jodrell and other individuals regarding the foundation of the Jodrell Laboratory.
East Africa. Kilimanjaro Expedition - This volume contains papers and correspondence relating to a committee, of which J.D. Hooker was a member, which was established in order to organise an expedition to Kilimanjaro and the surrounding area. c.1881-1889
Letters concerning the sale of Sir. J.D. Hooker's set of the Botanical Magazine 1922.
Genus cover notes & annotations : Impatiens - This file of cards contains notes by J.D. Hooker
G.F. Newman - this file contains primarily letters to J.D. Hooker relating to research that G.F. Newman was conducting into the Hooker family to which he was related by marriage.
Mea Allen : Research notes - Mea Allen produced a biography of the Hooker family entitled The Hookers of Kew (1967). These two files contain Allen's research notes and may provide further relevant information on J.D. Hooker.
RBG Kew's illustration department also holds 304 original drawings created by Hooker, these include sketches made in the field of Rhododendrons, executed while travelling through the Sikkim region of the Himalayas. These watercolours were sent along with collected specimens back to Walter Hood Fitch (1817-1892), who worked from Hooker's drawings to produce the lithographic illustrations for the popular publication Rhododendrons of Sikkim Himalaya (1849-51).

The archives also has microfilm copies of Hooker's letters to Asa Gray (1884-1888), the original of which are held at Harvard University (Joseph Dalton Hooker Letters, Historic Letters File, Archives, Library of the Gray Herbarium, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. - copyright holders); and microfilm copies of Hooker's letters to Charles Darwin. The origin of the Darwin film is unknown.
Further biographical material can be found in RBG Kew's biographical pamphlet collections and in the kewensia collection.
The Herbarium at RBG Kew also holds specimens within its collections that were collected by Hooker, which can be accessed via the internet at
DS/UK/89Hooker; Sir; Joseph Dalton (1817-1911); Knight; Botanist and second director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew1817-1911
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