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TitleThe Clothworkers' Company Archive
AdminHistoryThe Clothworkers' Company was founded in 1528, formed by an amalgamation of the Fullers' Company (incorporated 1480) and the Shearmen's Company (incorporated 1508). The new Company inherited the land and property of both predecessor Companies, including the Hall on Mincing Lane which had been built by the Shearmen in about 1472, on a site aquired by a group of shearmen in 1456. The current Hall, completed in 1958, is the sixth on the site.

The Company's first Ordinances were issued in 1532, signed by Sir Thomas More, inter alia. New Ordinances were issued in 1639 and 1984. The Company received a new Royal Charter, granted by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2015
Anglo-Norman French
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