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Title'Enumeration of fungi from Ceylon [Sri Lanka]' - Miles Joseph Berkeley & Chris. E. Broome
DescriptionPages 149-154 of a paper by Miles Berkeley entitled 'Enumeration of fungi from Ceylon [Sri Lanka]', which was read at a meeting of the Linnean Society.

With thirty seven small pencil drawings in an envelope, of fungi from Ceylon [Sri Lanka], suspected drawn by Miles Joseph Berkeley, and specimens collected by Chris Edmund Broome.

Fig 1: Spores of 'Agaricus goniospores', magnified.
Fig 2: 'Rhacophyllus lilacinus', natural size, vertical section, magnified gills.
Fig.3: Gills of 'Panus coriaceus', magnified.
Fig 4: Spores of 'Hydnum Thwaitesii', magnified.
Fig 5: 'Artocreas poroniœformis', natural size, section magnified.
Fig 6: 'Alursia bombarda', single peridium, magnified, thread and spores.
Fig 11: 'Ravenelia indica', pseudospores, glandular stipitate bodies.
Fig 12: 'Ravenelia sessilis', pseudospores, magnified.
Fig 13: 'Ravenelia stictica', pseudospores, magnified.
Fig 14: 'Ravenelia macrocystes', pseudospores, magnified.
Fig 15: 'Isaria pulcherrina', single plant magnified, portion.
Fig 16: 'Stilbum rhytidosphora', single plant and separate spores.
Fig 17: 'Periconia monilifera', single plant magnified, portion of stem, component thread of head with fruit, necklace of spores, spores.
Fig 18: 'Pithomyces flava', plant natural size, magnified thread, spores magnified.
Fig 29: 'Hyphomyces stilbigera', perithecium with stilbum attached, ascus with sporidia.
Fig 30: 'Nectria flavo-lanata', perithecium, procep from its wall, ascus, sporidia, two forms of conidia.
Fig 31: 'Nectria trichospora', peritheciœ magnified, ascus, sporidium.
Fig 32: 'Nectria aurantiicola', barren plant, plant with perithecca[?].
Fig 33: 'Hypoxylon lycogaloides', ascus, sporida.
Fig 34: 'Hypoxylon niphidium', a perithecia in situ, magnified, ascus, sporidia.
Fig 38: 'Spheria bunodes', ascus, tip of ascus, sporidia.
Fig 39: supposed conidicid.
Fig 40: 'Spheria nigrita', ascus, sporidia, thread from suliculum.
Fig 41: 'Sphœria emergeus', ascus and sporidia.
Fig 42: 'Sphœria hystrieula', portion of perithecium, ascus, sporidia.
Fig 43: 'Sphœria acanthostroma', perithecium magnified, asci, sporidia.
Fig 44: 'Sphœria cirrhostoma', portions of peritheciaa to show the different condition of the hairs with which they are clothed, asci
Fig 45: 'Sphœria acanthigera', portion of the wall of the perithecia, sporidia, portion of wall of the perthecia, sporidia, conidia.
Fig 46: 'Sphœria pachythele', perithecium, magnified, ascus with paraphyses, sporidia.
Fig 47: 'Melanospora chrysomalla', ascus, sporidia.
Fig 48: 'Micropeltis gomphispora', ascus, sporidia.
Fig 49: 'Asteria pelliculosa', portion of ascus with asci and thread, ascus, sporidia.
Fig 50: 'Aylographum intricatum', ascus in situ with paraphyse. Sporidia.
Fig 51: 'Dothidea stemospora', ascus, sporidia.
Date14 Mar 1873
Extent6 ff and 37 artworks
Publn_NotePublished in J.L.S., Bot.
No. 1869
Creator NameBERKELEY, Miles Joseph
BROOME, Chris E.
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