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TitleAdditional to 'Diaeta naturalis'
DescriptionCollection of early notes on very different subjects, probably written during the first years of Linnaeus's student life. Many have been struck through, indicating they have been used in another of Linnaeus's manuscript, or published. Some have pagination. Includes the following material: - list of illnesses and pathological symptoms under the heading 'Evacuatorii'. Latin; - list of species of the genus "Erica". Latin and Swedish; - medical notes, Latin and Sweidsh. Short reference to 'Elizabeth Blackwell, Herbarium curiosum, Lond 1737 tab 500'. In 1739, von Haller wrote to Linnaeus alerting him to this new publication. See Albrecth von Haller to Carl Linnaeus, 11 January 1739, "The Linnaean correspondence",, letter L0270. Drawings of flower parts; - notes on chemistry. Latin; - folded folio sheet containing medical notes, and the case study of a 44-year old female suffering from fever. Latin; - botanico-medical notes. Latin; - notes on Giovanni Alfonso Borelli's (1608-1679) observations, with page numbers. Latin; - 'Diaeta Belgam in loco humido'. Notes on the diet in Belgian's humid places. Latin; - medical case studies of a 50 year old male, a young girl, and a 20 year old young man. Latin; - notes on drinking, entitled 'Pocula'. Latin; - notes on witchcraft ('Trolldom'). Swedish and Latin; - notes on botanical system of classification and Caeselpino. Latin; - botanical notes and list of genera. Latin; - sheet folded in 8, with notes on blood and blood circulation, botanical notes. Latin; - folded sheet with notes on beer, and plant descriptions. Drawing of flower parts. Latin; - botanical notes, with list of genera with names taken from botanists on reverse. Latin; - medical notes on humours and fevers. Latin; - medical notes. Latin and Swedish; - illness descriptions with botanical drawing (?). Latin; - botanical notes. Latin; - medical notes in the form of aphorisms. Latin; - 2 folded sheets with medical notes. Latin; - folded sheet. notes on baldness, sweating, etc. Latin; - notes on "Trifolium" Latin. - sheet folded in 4 with medical notes. Latin; - notes on the senses (auditus, gustus, odoratus, visus). Latin; - notes from Ramazzini, B (1710). "De principium valetudine tuenda". Latin; - notes on sleep (somnus). Latin; - 'Vegetabilia venenata': list of poisonous plants and animals. Latin; - torn leaf with botanical notes and plant descriptions. Latin. On the reverse fragment of a letter (?) not in Linnaeus's hand; - notes on various authors of the 16th and 17th centuries, divided into categories of 'Infantibus', 'Senibus', 'Literatis', 'Itinerantibus', and 'Navigantibus'. Latin; - notes on "Passiflora" and medico-botanical notes on diaeta. Latin; - folded sheet with notes on diaeta. Latin; - 'ipsa senectus morbus': on old age and disease, with page number 21. Latin; - notes on Spanish horses (?). Latin and Swedish; - medical notes, numbered 36. Latin; - 'Foetida fugius vide 74'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Foetida'. Latin; - 3 leaves paginated 81, 97, 101. Latin and Swedish; - 'Quae e corpore excreta sunt, immunda sunt'. Latin and Swedish; - 'visus m(abbrev.) vires ingerendos indicat' - on the power of colours. Latin; - 'Cystis fellea...' on internal organs, and female reproductive system. Latin; - 'senectus morbus est'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Contra na[tur]am agere est abominable'. Latin and Swedish. Reverse: 'Non est volentis, nec currentis...'. Swedish; - 'Diaeta varia variat corpus'. Swedish. Reverse: list of Swedish scholas and their subject of study. Latin; - 'morbus est morborum medicatrix'. Latin and Swedish; - 'vita est omnium...'. Latin and Swedish; - 'gior...' on the ages of man. Swedish and Latin; - 'To deio homini inest'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Tenui spiritum'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Turpe miles senex, turpis senilis amor'. Latin and Swedish; - notes on Boerhaave. Swedish; - 'Recte facienti nominem tineas'. Latin and Swedish. Reverse: 'Honorem sanitudti vitaeque praefere stultum'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Varietas delectat'. Latin and Swedish; - 'Lealis'. verso: notes on Giovanni Alfonso Borelli's (1608-1679) observations, with page numbers. Latin; - 'in amorum qui edunt...'. Latin. Unfolded sheet: notes on classification and plant collection. Linnaeus mentions Paul Hermann, probably in relation to his "Museum Zeylanicum s. Catalogus plantarum in Zeylona sponte nascentium. Lugd. Bat. 1717. Latin; - 'animi affectus agunt in plumonem'. Latin. Reverse: 'De nervorum morbis'. Latin; - medical notes, Latin. Reverse: 'Ossa fracta'. Latin; - medical notes, Latin and Swedish. Inside: notes on trepanation. Latin; - 'in vertis(?) arenosis deserti Tartaria & Chinae...'. Latin; - 'Vasa exhalantia'. Latin; - numbered bibliographical list. The earliest book dates from 1663, the latest from 1729. Latin; - 'morbi artificum et regionum'. Latin. Reverse: 'Simia'. Latin; - folded sheet with medical notes. Unfolded, lists of culinary and medical plants. Latin; - 'Guevara'. Latin and Swedish. Reverse: 'Mortem non opinio...'. Latin; - 'glandulae...'. Latin; - 'absorbentia...' Latin; - 'Måns Sonafon i Holkiva i Wirestad'. Medical case study of a 28 year old man. Latin; - 'signa spiritus ex oculis...'. Latin; - 'Memento mori'. Mostly Swedish. Reverse: 'Abstinentia interdum plures morbos curat'. Swedish and Latin; - 'Conceptio...'. Swedish and Latin; - very small slip with 'caecitas et lippitudo (?) Lapponum'. List of 6 things which affect the eyes. Latin; - small slip on cow (?) and thrush. Swedish and Latin. Reverse: list of kings; - 'Bengta'. Medical case study of a 45 year-old woman. Latin. Reverse: notes on "Salix". Latin; - 3 other small slips containing medical notes; - 'Decum observanta ad indigenes', listing attributes corresponding to 'aer', 'cibus', 'potus', 'motus', 'excreta', 'mores'. Latin; - 'Siphilitis' description of illness. Latin; - 'Motus...' notes on dietetics. Latin; - botanical notes. Latin; - folded leaf with list of male and female plants. Miscelleaneous notes in Latin and Swedish inside; - folded sheet with medical aphorisms. Latin; - folded sheet with aphorisms, starting with 'Na[tur]a optima morborum medicatrix'. Latin.
Extent87 leaves
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