Ref NoDWC/1/8/2
TitleLetter from Alfred R. Wallace to Archdeacon Colley
DescriptionLetter from Alfred R. Wallace to Archdeacon Colley (1839-1912) a friend who had just ended an ongoing lawsuit, Colley v. Maskelyne. Mr Colley was appointed arch-deacon by the Bishop of Colenso he was a friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and shared with him an interest in spiritualism. Mr Maskelyne was a well know London based Illusionist. The plaintiff claimed damages for libel against Mr Maskelyne for asserting that he was not and never had been an archdeacon and Mr Maskelyne counter-claimed that he was deserving of a £1000 reward Colley had promised to anyone who could produce specific illusions, which he claimed to have managed.

Wallace congratulates Colley on winning his claim and comments on a photograph of a spirit Colley had sent to him, comparing it to an experience he, himself had had.
Date3 May 1907
Extent1 bf
Related MaterialThe envelope for the letter can be found at DWC/1/8/1
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